Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Steam Turbine Envy needed for CSP and CHP Applications

I have been asked why Basic Solar USA, Inc. (Sister Ohio company to Balmoral) may need a 40-ton crain? Our staff and one overseas client have been getting excited about the Siemens SST 100. It is a single-casing multi-stage stream turbine, providing geared drive to 1,500 and 1,800 epm generators and packaged in a framed-mounted design and is 40 tons without oil.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Concentrated solar power (CSP) & Parabolic Troughs

Parabolic Troughs are the main component and a type of solar thermal energy collector for CSP.

*Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems. It is constructed as a long parabolic mirror (usually coated silver or polished aluminum) with a tube running its length at the focal point. Sunlight is reflected by the mirror and concentrated on the Dewar tube. The trough is usually aligned on a north-south axis, and rotated to track the sun as it moves across the sky each day. Alternatively the trough can be aligned on an east-west axis, this reduces the overall efficiency of the collector, due to cosine loss, but only requires the trough to be aligned with the change in seasons, avoiding the need for tracking motors. This tracking method works correctly at the spring and fall equinoxes with errors in the focusing of the light at other times during the year. Heat transfer fluid (usually oil) runs through the tube to absorb the concentrated sunlight. This increases the temperature of the fluid to some 400°C. The heat transfer fluid is then used to heat steam in a standard turbine generator. The process is economical and, for heating the pipe, thermal efficiency ranges from 60-80%. The overall efficiency from collector to grid, is great.

Basic Solar USA Inc. (sister company of Balmoral Capital) have signed a MOU concerning making of parabolic troughs in Ohio and other locations. Depoloyment will be in the United States and other countries. The terms and details have not been disclosed at this time. For more information see