Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My recent trip to India gave me a chance to renew old friends and make new deals with Wind and Solar. Three (3) new deals are started.India is a great place to see the natural elements working to make power.

Balmoral investors will participate in over 275 MW of wind and solar. India has endless diversity in languages, religions and peoples. That is what makes India great.That is not a weakness it is it's strength. India's music and food and mathematic are something the world have envied for years. Did you know that Indians invented Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus and I am told the ZERO. That little bit of nothing keeps making numbers bigger and bigger. Just add one on your next pay check next week.

The food is nothing like what you will get in Ohio better and hotter. I ate a Mango that melted in my mouth. No wonder why these folks are going wild on high tariffs in Wind, Solar, Hydro and Waste to Energy. It makes a lot of since to create energy to this expanding economy and maintain this growth country. Smart investors with Balmoral are now thinking INDIAN and double digit returns.

For more please consult Abu Dhabi Office at sale@balmoralcompanies.com